New AUDI terminal facades

In the next few years, AUDI car dealerships shall have a new homogeneous appearance throughout the whole world: the AUDI terminal – a facade of perforated and anodised aluminium sheets with folded edges. It is a hexagonal honeycomb perforation uniting both aesthetics and dynamics.

Detailed view – AUDI terminal facades
Detailed view – AUDI terminal facades
Detailed view – AUDI terminal facades

From one source

DF supplies perforated, anodised aluminium sheets with folded edges from one source.  Thanks to optimum production processes and our experience from already realised projects we are able to guarantee perfect quality and strict adherence to deadlines for all further projects. The facades are realised in close cooperation with architects and responsible
cladding companies and/or general contractors. The size of our company allows us at any time to deal with several AUDI facade projects at once.

Audi Terminal München
Audi Terminal München
Audi Terminal München
Audi Terminal München
Audi Terminal München

AUDI terminal facades – projects realized by DF

Facades made of perforated plates delivered by DF so far:

AUDI terminal Reference project MAHAG

AUDI terminal car dealer in Munich (approx. 2000 sqm),

AUDI terminal mobil Audi presentation centre in Davos

AUDI terminal Berlin-Lichtenberg (approx. 1500 sqm)

AUDI terminal Mexico(approx. 300 sqm)

AUDI terminal Ville la Grand, France (approx. 500 sqm)

AUDI terminal Martinique (approx. 400 sqm)

AUDI terminal Dudelang, Luxemburg (approx. 500 sqm)

AUDI terminal Bozen, Model facade

AUDI terminal Gera (approx. 400 sqm)

AUDI terminal Värnamo, Sweden (approx. 500 sqm)

AUDI terminal Smista, Sweden (approx. 1000 sqm)

AUDI terminal Kantsingel, Netherlands (approx. 150 sqm)

AUDI terminal Ferney Voltaire, France (approx. 470 sqm)

AUDI terminal Dunkerque, France (approx. 430 sqm)

AUDI terminal Tarbes, France (approx. 240 sqm)

AUDI terminal Valence, France (approx. 470 sqm)

AUDI terminal Vannes, France (approx. 550 sqm)

AUDI terminal Boulogne sur Mer, France (approx. 300 sqm)

AUDI terminal Kristiansand, Norway (approx. 600 sqm)

AUDI terminal Lyon, France (approx. 320 sqm)

AUDI terminal Leipzig, Germany (approx. 1000 sqm)

AUDI terminal Caserta, Italy (approx. 480 sqm)

AUDI terminal Trélissac, France (approx. 360 sqm)

AUDI terminal Puget, France (approx. 430 sqm)

AUDI terminal Prag, Czech Republic (approx. 440 sqm)

AUDI terminal Tunis, Tunesia (approx. 370 sqm)

AUDI terminal Vire, France (approx. 400 sqm)

AUDI terminal Béziers, France (approx. 580 sqm)


project commissioned:

AUDI terminal Bratislava, Slovakia (approx. 2400 sqm)

Example Audi Terminal Davos
Example Audi Terminal Davos