Perforation shapes galvanised

Perfox is a specialist in perforating different types of metal. In our tool workshop Perfox toolmakers develop a tool for any desired perforation. From standard round or square to a chessboard perforation or an embossing: Perfox makes customized perforation stamps. With our all-across presses and sectional presses, we subsequently perforate the desired hole shape in one or more sendzimir galvanised plates.

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Perforating galvanised metals

To prevent corrosion and decay, plates are often galvanised afterwards. By applying a thin layer of zinc to the metal, you prevent the metal from coming into contact with oxygen, salts or moisture. In this way, the metal is better protected from, for example, the weather, but also against the odd knock or wear and tear.

Case stories perforated galvanised

In our factory in Veendam, the Netherlands, we have an extensive range of machinery, with which we perforate galvanised metal plates for different applications. Please click on one of the cases below for more information.

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