Commitment, flexibility and entrepreneurship is what characterizes the people at Perfox, an experienced team that consists of 60 people, each with their own specialty. Since 1915 we have not shied away from any challenge. For any application for which perforated sheets are needed we will work out a solution. That inventive and curious attitude has led to customers from all over the world and from different industries knowing how to find Perfox.


From tool workshop to engineering

Perfox produces perforated plate material. Through our extensive experience in perforated plate material we have gained quite a bit of knowledge. Our knowledge, combined with the many possibilities that our modern tool workshop offers, makes us capable of fulfilling practically any customer wish.

Do you have a wish in the area of perforations, and would you like to know whether it is feasible? Perfox engineers would be pleased to think along with you. They will do anything to create the product that you would like to have developed. Whether you order a single perforated plate, want to make a (one-time) project a success or would like to assign structural production of perforated plates to us: it’s just in our line.



Our aim is to produce high-quality products and an excellent service on a daily basis. The quality of our production process is continuously guarded and monitored. Furthermore, we are certified DIN and ISO 9001, with which we posses all necessary certificates

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