After the plate material has been perforated, we can cut it to size for you. In this way we ensure that the perforated material is delivered directly to you in the right dimensions. In the Perfox factory, our scissors are able to cut plates up to 5000 mm in width. The material thicknesses that our machine can cut vary per type of material. We would be pleased to inform you of the possibilities.


Once we perforate the plate material, tension can arise in the material.
In our factory we have several straighteners available with which we can roll the tension out of the material. After perforating, we therefore straighten the material with our straighteners, so the plate becomes properly flat again.

Bending and folding

Would you like the perforated material to be bent or shaped? Perfox also provides this option. In our factory, several folding machines and press brakes are available, with which we can bend or fold plates directly after perforating.

Lasering / punching

In the Perfox factory, we have several modern punching/ lasering machines at our disposal. With those, we not only laser cut the perforated plates to exactly the right size, but we are also capable of applying different and arbitrary perforations to the plate.

Surface treatment

Would you like to fit the perforated plate with, for example, a powder coating or would you like to anodise an aluminium plate, then we also take care of that for you. Activities such as degreasing and grinding perforated plates are also possible.

Are you curious with which machines we perforate your plates and perform post-processing? Please view our range of machinery.

Packing & transport

When the products are ready for dispatching, we pack these, if you wish, in the packing of your choice. Naturally, we can dispatch the perforated plates in the standard packing, but also packing in crates or sea-worthy packing is possible. Subsequently, our logistics department takes care of the correct way of dispatching – whether that is in The Netherlands or worldwide: we take care of it.

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