Perforation shapes non-ferrous metals

All through the years, Perfox has developed countless tools for different kinds of perforations. You can come to us, for example, for the standard perforations, but also special perforations are possible. Non-ferrous metal plates with star-shaped perforations, special slot perforations, embossing in the shape of a chessboard: the Perfox toolmakers have developed a tool for basically any desired perforation. And do we find out that we are missing a tool? Then we will develop one tailor-made for your order. With our all-across presses and sectional press, we subsequently perforate the hole shape in one or a (large) number of non-ferrous metal plates.

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Perforated Non-Ferrous Metals

Perforating non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metal is the collective name for metals that do not have iron as their main component. This causes the metal to react differently than when you perforate ferrous metals. Our specialists know the properties of almost any type of metal and know how it reacts to processing.

Case stories perforated non-ferrous metals

In our factory in Veendam, the Netherlands, we perforate non-ferrous metal plates for different applications. Please contact us for more information.

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