Company profile

A solid basis!

At Perfox we have years of experience in steel perforations.
Established in 1918, we started ous as the first and only manufacturer of tools and perforated metals in the Netherlands, later known under thename of Duperfo, and this remains our core business today; a business in whitch we are still unique in the netherlands.

As a part of the DF groupe, Perfox BV is an innovative specialist in the field of perforation andfurther processing of perforated plate.
Apart from Perfox in Veendam, the DF group of companies has got another three production sites, two of them in Dillingen(Germany) and one in Bulgaria.
With a total turn over more than 50 million Euro and with approximately 300 employees, the DF group of companies is one of the leading specialist for perforated plate in Europa.
To solve your problems, we offer our know-how and our technical support already during the phase of product development.

Experienced in all markets

Perfox in Veendam produces high-quality perforated materiaals.
Due to its infinite number of application possibilities, Perfox® products are used in a wide range of industries.
Perfox is available in a number of different metals, from galvanised steel to copper, plastic and even wood.

Its unique material properties ensure that Perfox can make the difference in all of its applications.
It can be used for protection, shielding or screening purposes, while at the same time offering the possibility of letting through light, air, gases and solid or liquid substances.
Perfox can also be applied as a load bearing floor or platform with special embossed patterns to ensure a non-slip surfase.
Possible applications include aerating, drying and grilling, as well as straining, filtering and separating.
Perfox is experienced in all markets.